Let's Talk About Lash Retention & Refills!

Hey! Quick update about your Lashes!

We would like to remind clients that refills should be scheduled in advance - preferably 2 weeks from your last appointment. A refill is scheduled when you have at least 50% retention left of the lashes that were previously applied. Based on your hair & skin type that will determine how often you should come in for a refill. Some clients can go 4 weeks, some clients can only go 1 week.

We are willing to work with you as long as you are scheduling accordingly. We can tentatively schedule a refill for you, for 2 weeks, and if the schedule needs to be changed we can do that free of charge.

Unfortunately, if you come to your refill appointment and there are only a few lashes left, for example 3 or 4, we will have to do a full set, if our schedule allows that amount of time at your appointment, or reschedule you for a full set at another time.

Let's talk about retention.... We understand that things happen and sometimes lash extensions don't last as long as we want them to.

Lash extensions should last between 2-3 weeks. Being in the south, we deal a lot with humidity and it has been causing some retention issues. With that being said, we would recommend setting all of your refills at the end of your appointments. Due to being in a smaller temporary space, we do have a constricted schedule. If you contact us within 24-48 hours letting us know that you lost more than the average 3-5 natural lashes or notice the extensions are coming off within that time frame without a natural lash attached, we can offer a free touch up. There are a few different factors that can attribute to retention issues: 1. Environment - how hot and humid your living, working or natural environment is. If you work outside a majority of the day, your lashes may not last. 2. Oily Hair & Skin - This may cause the glue that we use to lose bond with your hair faster. 3. Pulling / Rubbing- Try to stay mindful of those lashes being on and they will loosen if you mess with them too much.

4. Oil Based Facial Products- Try to stay away from any lotions, serums, face washes, and makeup that is oil based.

5. Mascara - We recommend that you not wear mascara while you have the lash extensions on. Mascara causes the extensions to become heavier and could also break down the glue.

6. How You Sleep - we recommend you sleep on your back and try to avoid having the lashes pressed against your pillow or arms.

Lash extensions can definitely be a tedious thing to keep up and we do have other options for our clients if the extensions aren't working out.

If you have any questions, please call us at (843) 804-8220

Thank you!


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